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With a comprehensive catalog of flexible materials, Bible-in-Life lets you build a ministry program that fits your budget and your church.

Day to Day

With real-world applications, Bible-in-Life helps kids, youth and adults see God’s truth all around them.

  • Stories and pictures inspired by real life
  • Bible-based themes, activities, memory verses and more
  • Age-appropriate ideas, questions and issues, to connect with kids’ daily experiences
  • New for Bible-in-Life Kids! Lesson videos feature kids living out their faith

Step by Step

Bible-in-Life is easy to teach, making it perfect for churches of all sizes.

  • High-quality, engaging lesson plans
  • Designed for multiple learning styles and class sizes
  • Lessons are easy to teach, for volunteers and church leaders alike
  • User-friendly teaching tools provide step-by-step instructions
  • Minimal preparation time and very few additional materials

Year after Year

Bible-in-Life is the cornerstone for a long-term, comprehensive and expandable curriculum.

  • Developmentally appropriate for each age group
  • Encourages habits that foster lifelong spiritual growth
  • Helps children and youth continually deepen their faith through reflection and conversation
  • Every lesson is fully customizable, for built-in flexibility
  • The full curriculum includes materials for every age group and educational level, from toddlers to adults