4 Step Lessons

These easy-to-teach lessons are broken into Life Connection, Bible Exploration, Bible Interaction, and Life Response. These steps make it easy for teachers (especially substitutes) to quickly grasp and teach.

130-Year Legacy

With a 130-yearlong legacy of teaching God’s Word, Bible-in-Life is the premium choice for adult curriculum that teaches scripture in an approachable and heart-transforming way.

Life Application Focus

Bible-in-Life promotes community among other adults, and challenges them to continue growing spiritually, pushing them to apply every lesson to their own lives in a meaningful way.

Uniform Series / ISSL

The scope and sequence of Bible-in-Life follows the Uniform Series / ISSL scope and sequence. This way, your adult Sunday school will follow the same topics as your pastor from week to week.

Dual NIV and KJV

Bible-in-Life puts the NIV and KJV translation texts side by side for easy comparison.

Teacher’s Devotional

Each lesson comes with a devotional for the teaching, preparing their heart before studying the lesson.

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Comprehensive Bible Study

A proven adult curriculum which follows the
International Sunday School Lesson cycle (ISSL).

See the ISSL Scope and Sequence

Teacher’s Guide

This teacher’s guide includes challenging Bible studies and complete teacher helps to give you the tools you need to reach your adult students with God’s word.

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Creative Teaching Aids

With posters, discussion starters, worksheets, and other materials, this teaching aid will help ensure that all your students will be able to participate meaningfully.

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Sunday school lessons bible lessons for adults Bible-in-Life Student-book

Student Book

The standard in quarterly Bible study for more than 100 years, this student guide offers Biblical commentary and life applications, plus prints Scripture references in both KJV and NIV.

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Power for Living

A full-color weekly take-home paper that has proven an exciting tool for both personal growth and evangelism. With life-related stories of faith, Power for Living connects God’s truth to real life.

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Sunday school lessons bible lessons for adults Bible-in-Life Power-for-Living

Sunday school lessons bible lessons for adults Bible-in-Life Quiet-hour

The Quiet Hour

A daily devotional guide with readings that relate to the Scriptures taught in each lesson.

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Lesson Leaflet

Keep a few copies of this inexpensive item on hand for visitors. Each tear-out page provides the Scripture and questions for one lesson.

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Sunday school lessons bible lessons for adults Bible-in-Life Lesson-Leaflet

Sunday school lessons bible lessons for adults Bible-in-Life curriculum-kit

Teacher’s Resource Kit

New! The Adult Comprehensive Bible Study Teacher’s Guide and Adult Creative Teaching Aids are now packaged together for your convenience. PLUS with more reproducibles than before!

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Understanding the Bible

Take your adult class on a comprehensive study of the books of the
Bible in a quarterly cycle between the Old and New Testaments.

Get our Scope and Sequence here.

Leader’s Guide

Teacher helps, activities, and life application suggestions for Understanding the Bible.

Order two per class, one for the teacher and another for a substitute.

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Student Book

The essential study guide for every class member.

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Free Online Resource for Adults

Real Life Downloaded (RLD) connects each week with timeless Bible truths to timely current events. RealLifeDownloaded.com offers optional materials for Steps 1 and 4 of the week’s lesson, to provide an in-depth, current event study of the lesson materials.

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"Bible in Life is by far the most user-friendly curriculum! My teachers find it to be the simplest to follow, and they are extremely pleased."