Age-appropriate lessons build on spiritual development to form a faith foundation for life

Multiple learning styles

Every lesson uses multiple learning styles to reach all types of learners including storytelling, games, activities, music and more


Flexibility within lessons to pick and choose from a variety of activities that best suit your class and support the Bible teaching

Elementary Teacher’s Guide

Each of the 13 lessons contains step-by-step instructions to help you prepare and teach, with Bible background, tips for teaching 2nd and 3rd graders, and a variety of activities to help your students learn and apply the Bible lesson.

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Elementary Creative Teaching Aids

Essential audio and visual resources to go with the Teacher’s Guide and enhance lessons. Equips teachers with the tools necessary to make class time interesting and fun, while enhancing Bible study.  Each packet includes teaching posters, stand-up figures, role-play cards, games, and more. Age-appropriate games, quarterly attendance chart, plus music PraisePac CD featuring three original worship songs that correlate with each unit, downloadable song sheets, lyrics, and postcards. CD is reproducible so it can be shared with families. All Creative Teaching Aids are used in conjunction with the lessons.

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Bible Discoveries

This student book contains four pages for each lesson including Bible study pages and activities. As a bonus, the cover includes the quarter’s memory verses and a unique poster or activity.

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Discovery Pack

This in-class craft book is packed with fun games, pop-up cards, 3-D booklets, and more, all effective in reinforcing and applying the Bible lesson for your Elementary students. Available in print only.

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Friends is a colorful take-home paper that extends the Sunday school lesson to encourage week-long application through family involvement.  Includes Bible stories, a contemporary story applying the Lesson Focus, activities, and a Family Faith Fun section.  Your link to each child’s home!

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Scripture Memory Videos

Scripture videos are God’s Word set to music and motion that inspire and equip young hearts with God’s Truth. Each quarter, download a free Scripture video to use in your class. Over 135 additional videos are available to purchase.

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"We love the way Bible-in-Life challenges kids to see God throughout the week and apply His Word to their everyday life!"

Dale J., Sunday School Teacher,Colorado Springs, Colorado