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Free weekly downloads through tie into current news stories and topics to take your students deeper into God’s Word and application to their daily life.


Focus on Spiritual Formation

Teenagers take ownership of and deepen their faith through Bible study, Scripture memory, devotionals throughout the week, and conversations about current events, friendships, family relationships, peer pressure and career and future goals.

The Rock Resource

The Rock is an eight-page resource and contains a Bible study for use during the lesson. The lesson focus is presented in a variety of creative ways through non-fiction and fiction stories, stories written by preteens and teens, how-to articles, puzzles, surveys, and more.

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Middle School Teacher’s Guide

Each of the 13 lessons contains step-by-step instructions to help you prepare and teach, with Bible background, tips for teaching middle schoolers, and a variety of activities to help your students learn and apply the Bible lesson.

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Middle School Creative Teaching Aids

Equips teachers with the tools necessary to make class time interesting and fun, while enhancing Bible study. Each packet includes a variety of items such as Bible maps, posters, and timelines to make the Bible story come to life. Other teaching aids such as games, worksheets, and postcards help students remember the message and take it with them into the week. All Creative Teaching Aids are used in conjunction with the lessons.

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The Rock

This student book contains eight pages for each lesson including Bible studies, stories, and articles. As a bonus, each book contains a six-day devotional schedule for your students.

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Free Online Resource for Teens

Real Life Downloaded (RLD) connects each week with timeless Bible truths to timely current events. offers optional materials for Steps 1 and 4 of the week’s lesson, to provide an in-depth, current event study of the lesson materials.

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Download lesson samples and experience Bible-in-Life for free today!

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"I liked the emphasis on the usage of the Scriptures. The format made it easy to teach and in a way my students could understand."

Colleen Martin, Sunday school teacherDelavan, Illinois