Thank you for your interest in Bible-in-Life!

We invite you to use the FREE sample lessons for one or all age levels, or you can choose the lessons that best suit your needs. In addition to the Teacher Guide pages, you will find printable resources for teaching the lessons (visuals, activity pages, and take-home papers).

Samples Include

Lesson Overview
Bible-in-Life lessons are organized in an easy-to-use 4-step lesson path.
Student Pages (Books)
Student book offers a variety of full-color class activities for all parts of your lessons. One per student recommended.
Teacherā€™s Guide
Each lesson provides step-by-step instructions to help you prepare and teach, with Bible background, tips for teaching, and a variety of activities to help your students learn and apply the Bible lesson.
Additional Resources
Creative teaching aids, weekly take-home papers for parents, and more!

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